About Me

Proud mother. Earth Wonderer. Passionate Environmentalist. Traveler. Recycler. Upcycler. Encourager. Human Rights Advocate. Eternal Optimist!

The United Kingdom, and especially England is a permanent journey, never a final destination for me.It's a place where I relax, I find peace, Where I connect and where I have many friends.

I believe in the fair treatment of all people, and that everyone deserves respect. Respect isn't earned, it's something that should be freely given, to all people.

I love to meet new people, So don't be shy, say hello!



  1. Hi Tammy, I have seen you around the blogosphere lots, commenting on various sites, and didn't know you had your own! I have travelled to the UK 5 or 6 times now and I adore London. Cheers!
    Dar @ anexactinglife


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